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Learnonline Web-portal:
Online Exams and Tests Tool

Two-in-One.  This is not just a website, it's also a training portal where top management administrators create assignments for staff and volunteer first responders.  Staff members take exams, and when they pass assignments, they get a certificate about successful completion which can be downloaded or printed out. 

This software would fit any organization or safety department wishing to administer on the job training for their staff.  Schools and colleges can effectively use this software for running online examinations of their students.

Life working web-portal is available online at:




This software is for instructors and Teachers.


The "Learnonline" training software is designed to accommodate needs of supervising instructors to effectively form classes.  The software allows registration to groups that automatically close if all seats are filled.  Trainers schedule training sessions in the calendar and effectively manage assignments and tests that students need to pass after study material was covered in classes or online.

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